Can I upgrade at any time and how does it work?
You can upgrade your existing service through the client manager at any time and the upgrade will be executed instantly after payment.
Do you have a large download file I can test your speed with?
Yes of course just copy and paste the link to start a 100mb file download to test our connection.
Can I see some of the websites you host?
Unfortunately, due to privacy issues, we cannot publicly release domain names that are on our servers but if you are curious to the connection speeds either try downloading the file in the question above or take for a run at
What forms of payment do you accept?
For the moment we only accept PayPal but within this, you can actually use your credit or debit card without signing up. so when you see PayPal don't worry! you don't need an account as you can just use your Credit or Debit Card
Are your servers Unix-, or Windows-based?
Our Servers are Unix- Based or (Linux) this is much preferable as the operating system does not take as many resources to run and gives more power to the server.
Do you offer a web-based control panel for my site?
Indeed we do our Account Management software has a single sign-on for quite a number of the top most used programs or settings within cPanel. and you can also access cPanel from a single sign-on within your account.
How long will it take to setup my account?
Usually Instantly as soon as you have placed your order and have processed your payment your account will be ready to go from that instant. (this does not include domain propagation)
Can I purchase additional bandwidth or disk space?
Yes, we have Data Packs and Bandwidth Packs within our website or your Account Management panel, once you have purchased a Datapack we will set it up for you free of charge within a 24 Hour period.
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