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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to access our site builder?

Once you have activated your account and you go into your services which can be found in the home portal, Log in to your “Cpanel”. Under “Software/Services” you will see “RVSiteBuilder” which you then select, This may take a moment to load due to it being such a large program. Once you’ve accessed the site builder there is an option to “Create a Project”. You then follow the 3 step program to customise your own website to your standards & needs.

2. How do I Activate my account?

Your account will automatically be activated once payment has been received. You will receive an email stating the successful completion of your accounts activation. Promotional offers that state “1 months free hosting” will be reviewed and activated with in 24 hours of order being confirmed. If you believe that your account activation was unsuccessful due to unforeseen reasons, please contact us via the “Contact” page.

3. Are there any extra costs involved?

No, There are absolutely no hidden costs associated with Typical Hostings services.

4. What is Web Hosting?

Most people understand the basic principles of setting up a small business, Choosing a Business name, Renting a shop space or moving in and setting up.

Web hosting is not much different. A Client establishes a domain name, leases a section of server space and uploads their website. Within moments, anybody with an internet connection can start browsing the site. A domain name provides the address of the server, whilst the server is a rented space which the data that makes up the web-page is stored. This process is known as delegation - the domain
name points to a particular hosting account on the hosting providers servers. The servers main job is to 'serve' files to the web browser that made the request, In the same way as property is managed by a landlord, the server is managed by a web host. The web host determines the server features. However, not all servers are created equal and there are many options available. Some web hosting services provide technical support and some will force you to go it alone.Others may simply offer a basic redirection service. While advanced packages provide scripting support, database storage or email services. A good web hosting service like Typical Hosting provides a number of high quality services and proactively works to identify and correct issues before they can occur.

As a reliable and trusted hosting company, Typical Hosting offers dedicated customer and technical support staff that are available day or night. They will work with you to ensure a streamlined and efficient service within a 24 hour period.

5. Why are some other Web Hosts
cheaper than Typical Hosting?

Our hosting prices are determined from our carefully structured network.

Some hosting providers are able to provide cheaper services for cheaper, Less reliable and less secure equipment, However we have not compromised on the stability of our network. We have 300%* Pure Green Servers and backup servers, Redundant network connectivity, Power generators, Technical staff, Domain names, Secure certificates and a whole lot more. With this combination of elements it positions us in a very secure and safe business environment to ensure our business continues to run successfully, Long after some web hosts who would have fallen and disappeared.

Naturally, Would you trust an unsecured and unreliable web host?

6. What is the minimum payment cycle?

The minimum payment cycle is 1 month.
You can also pay every 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or 24 months.

7. What payment options do you offer?

PayPal is a Smarter, Faster, and Safer way to pay.
Paypal Accepts MasterCard, Visa, Credit and Debit card payments.

8. If I want to upgrade my hosting plan,
Will I incur extra fees?

If/or when you upgrade your hosting account, We simply perform an account adjustment to allow for future billing to reflect your new hosting account charges. All our plans (Whether new or modified), Includes FREE setup.

9. When can I expect my new
hosting account to be ready?

Typically we set up new hosting accounts straight after payment has been recieved. Upon activation, We will email you all the necessary information to ensure your initial website and email setup are trouble free. It can take up to 48 hours for your domain to fully 'delegate' to our server, However you will have full server access to upload your site and customise all required settings.

10. Do you provide website statistics?

All our hosting customers receive the 'Webalizer' statistics package for FREE. The Webalizer tool displays constantly updated data, Logging visitors, What they are looking at, When they are visiting, Where they came from and much more.

11. Can I host any type of website
I choose on your servers?

You are prohibited from Storing, Distributing or Transmitting ANY unlawful material. Examples of unlawful material include, Threats of physical harm, Child pornography, and any copyrighted, trademarked and other proprietary material used without authorisation.

Pornography and sex-related merchandising, or links to such material, Even if it is legal, are not acceptable uses of Typical Hostings servers

12. Can I transfer my existing site
to your servers?

If you are currently hosted by another company and wish to move your site to our servers, We will assist you in the process and this process DOES NOT incur any additional fees

13. Can you design my website?

Yes, Please contact us and we will organise one of our web designers to discuss your requirements. We can offer affordable web design and hosting packages.

14. Will I get quick responses to my requests?

We aim to respond to email requests as soon as we receive them, But usually within 24 hours you will receive a response.

15. Can you host international

Yes, Our servers are flexible to host all varying types of domains from all around the world.

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